Home For Christmas Small Group Study

Home For Christmas Small Group

Thursday Nights - 7:00pm
212 W. Springfield Rd, Springfield Pa 19064

Sometimes it can be tough to see God at work in our world and our lives. The change can happen so gradual that we aren't sure it is happening at all. One of the ways we can see God at work is to hear the stories of those who saw the redeeming love of God at work in their own lives, show that love to others, and tell their story. This small group will look at powerful stories of life change. We will see that even during hard times, the light of Christmas shines brightly. Home for Christmas shares the real-life stories of formerly incarcerated men and women as they find work and opportunity through Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California. As we hear about their struggles, we recognize the Advent themes of hope, love, and peace in their lives.

We will meet on Thursday nights at 7:00pm at Covenant United Methodist Church, but even better, why don't you come out at 6:30 and eat with others along their faith journey to build meaningful connections with other people figuring things out just like you.

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