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This time of year is exciting when we have little children. We want to make each moment as magical as we can and we want to be sure that our children form memories that will last a lifetime. We certainly don't want them to experience disappointment. As much as we......Read More.

Greetings, Covenant Church Community! This Sunday marks the beginning of the church year, Advent. Partly, I feel like we should already be halfway into December, and the other part wonders how we are even in December at all! This Sunday we are starting our Advent......Read More.

In this parable, there is a "young lawyer" who is seeking to test Jesus by asking him what he must do in order to achieve or receive eternal life.  Jesus, like he often does, responds to a question with a question.  "What does the law say?"  The man gives his......Read More.

 This Sunday our sermon series "Grounded: The Basics" focuses on "I Believe in the Church." So, what is the church and is it important? Can't I just be a Christian on my own without having to be a part of some organized church? In our message this week we will......Read More.

For the past several months, Covenant and CC Hancock United Methodist Churches have seemingly been in a holding pattern. As pastor, I sometimes become impatient and desperately want things to move forward in a hurry. I’m tired of waiting, and yet when God’s plans unfold before my eyes I see......Read More.

In 2003, while I was Senior Pastor at First Church in Media, I was dragged kicking and screaming on an international mission trip to Honduras. It was such a life changing experience that I have been going to Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica yearly since then! I travel with Discovery Service......Read More.