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Sometimes good words and thoughts become laden with excess baggage. We lose sight of the original meaning of powerful words. This Sunday we will deal with just such a phrase uttered by Jesus when he said, "You must be born again." What did he mean? Did he have in mind......Read More.

I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I tend to look at things differently at times. I find humor in things that probably shouldn't and notice things that most people tend not to see. One of those things is the Doxology. In the doxology that......Read More.

The big dream that God has for us is just that, BIG. It can't be done on our own without the help of God or other people, and we certainly can't accomplish it overnight. Moses' dream of saving God's people took 40 years to perform, and even then, he didn't......Read More.

This week we continue our sermon series "Dare to Dream." In our first week Pastor Kevin encouraged you to dream, in fact to dream big God-sized dreams. In the second week I encouraged you to understand and live into your birthright, to live into the mission that God created you......Read More.

For the past two years, Covenant Church has been working more closely with C.C. Hancock, our sister United Methodist Church in Springfield. We have held joint picnics and worship services. We have engaged in pulpit exchanges and discussed ways we can enhance each other’s ministries. As a result, the pastors......Read More.

Most of us are masters at making excuses. You know the response, "I would, BUT . . ." This is not a new phenomenon: the Bible is full of people who gave God a "big but." Moses did it, the prophets did it, at times even the disciples did it.......Read More.