What Is in Your Hand

What Is in Your Hand

Author: Jim Anderman
Published: May 3, 2018

This week we continue our sermon series "Dare to Dream." In our first week Pastor Kevin encouraged you to dream, in fact to dream big God-sized dreams. In the second week I encouraged you to understand and live into your birthright, to live into the mission that God created you to do. In the third week I encouraged you to consult your "burning bush," in other words to be open to hear God's calling and to be so passionate about it that nothing will stop you from trying to obtain your God-given goal. Last week I encouraged you to "lose your big buts," to stop making excuses and understand that God has an answer to your every objection. God did not call you to fail but to fulfill your calling.

This week our topic is "What is in your hand?" So often, we feel inadequate and ill-equipped to do a task assigned by God. The reality is that God knows your skills, talents, gifts, and graces. You have, or will have, all the skills necessary to carry out God's plans for your life. The real question becomes, "Are you going to say yes to God and then follow through and do God's will?

If you want to read ahead, our scriptures will be:

  • Exodus 4:1-9
  • 1 Peter 4:7-10
  • See you Sunday.
    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Jim