On Perseverance

On Perseverance

Author: Kevin Rutledge
Published: May 10, 2018

The big dream that God has for us is just that, BIG. It can't be done on our own without the help of God or other people, and we certainly can't accomplish it overnight. Moses' dream of saving God's people took 40 years to perform, and even then, he didn't get to experience the fruits of his labor fully. He died in sight of the promised land from the top of a mountain but did not get to cross into it.

For some reason, we have a terrible attention span. While better than the 6-second attention span of a goldfish, its far from perfect and far from the 40-year singleness of mind that Moses had. We get distracted, discouraged, and disillusioned. When that happens, we are prone to shift our gaze, lose our focus, and wander away from the mission. What can we do to prevent that from happening? What can we do when we've already been distracted?

We will focus on this on Sunday when we wrap up our "Dare to Dream" sermon series and figure out what it means to live out our mission for the duration. I hope to see you there.

Peace on the Journey,
Pastor Kevin