"You Must Be Born Again"

"You Must Be Born Again"

Author: Jim Anderman
Published: May 24, 2018

Sometimes good words and thoughts become laden with excess baggage. We lose sight of the original meaning of powerful words. This Sunday we will deal with just such a phrase uttered by Jesus when he said, "You must be born again." What did he mean? Did he have in mind what the public perception is of those who are popularly identified as "born-again Christians?" Jesus' words mystified Nicodemus and often mystify us.

On Sunday we will attempt to wrap our heads around this strange expression and live into its true meaning. Our scripture reference comes from John 3:1-17. I encourage you to read ahead.

As a part of our service, we will give recognition to those who protected our freedom to worship God as we celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.

See you Sunday.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Jim