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Following Moses' death at the end of Deuteronomy, the books of Joshua and Judges contain a lot of stories of the Israelites and the problems they have with both being faithful to God and getting along with the people around them. If only all these non-Israelites would let them......Read More.

Leave it to Jesus--when asked what is the greatest commandment--he responds with two answers. Just when we might think that Jesus is going to make things simple for us, he gives a two-dimensional answer to a one-dimensional question. But, even two commandments are simpler to follow than......Read More.

Jennifer and I have been enjoying watching the show “The Good Place.” The premise is, that everything you do is awarded a certain number of points, if it’s good, and points are deducted from your score, if what you did was bad. And if your score is high enough, you......Read More.

Consider these two sentences: Let’s eat, Grandma. Let’s eat Grandma. One comma is all the difference between your loved one being the guest of honor or the main course! It is amazing how the same words, told in a different way, can have a different meaning. I remember talking with......Read More.