Life Events

Major life events are rightly marked by prayer and worship. These may be arranged as needed in consultation with the pastor.

  • Baptism – Birth is often followed by baptism, which is an act of God through the Church and expresses God’s promise of inclusion in God’s kingdom. As such, it creates links among people as well as between people and God. The congregation and the family of the individual being baptized make promises to fulfill their obligations. That is why we consider it important that everyone is sure of each other’s role in ongoing spiritual growth before a baptism is scheduled.­­ That is also why baptisms are performed within a Sunday service, not privately.

  • Marriage – Weddings are the beginning of marriage, not an end in themselves. That is why a period of preparation is asked of couples in the months leading up to a wedding. Weddings are services of worship and are put together in consultation with the Music Director as well as the pastor.

  • Funerals – A funeral is a service that helps those who are grieving view a person’s life in the light of eternity. When someone has died, a funeral service is prepared by the pastor in consultation with the family and a funeral director. It may be conducted at church, at a funeral home, or at the graveside.