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Here's your way to stay connected with what's happening with the ASP Team!  We're using the InstaTeam app to communicate and coordinate all of our team activities.  This is for you if you're on the team, if you want to know when our fundraisers are, if you want to join us for Saturday community days with Good Neighbors Home Repair, if you're a parent of someone on the team, or if just you want to stay connected with the team.

Download the app (it's free) and join our 2023 Mission Trip team.  Visit Google Play on your Android device, or visit the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and search for the "InstaTeam" App, or go to

Follow the instructions provided to create a new account, or login using your existing Facebook or Google account.  Find our team - just search for "ASP 2023" or our team code "XYYQ6L", then select the ASP 2023 team and join!

You will have access to stuff such as: events, reminders, messaging, carpooling, fundraisers, payments, and more.

You can also join the team without using the app.  Use your web browser, go to, create an account, and search for "ASP 2023" or code "XYYQ6L" in Springfield, PA.