How many socks were donated to Fostering Hope Delco?

Fostering Hope Delco: January Donation

Thank you for donating 287 pairs of new socks to Fostering Hope Delco in January! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of brand new socks.

Large pile of new pairs of socks for children and youth with a small white board displaying the words "287 pairs of socks!" and 287 tally marks

February donation item: children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste for children and adults

Fostering Hope Delco is a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization that strives to provide an exchange of resources to those who are willing and able to turn their families into foster families. Fostering Hope has three main initiatives — Dignity Duffles, Bags of Hope, and the Foster-Share Closet – which provide support from the moment a child leaves their home, throughout the duration of their stay in foster care, and as they transition to a place of permanency, whether that’s returning to their biological family, kinship, or adoption. Through your support, they can continue to provide these services right here in Delaware County. Your donations matter. 

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