A Game of Numbers

The sport of football is a game of inches. Most sporting endeavors, like football, are games of numbers. So is tackling hunger. Across the country and in our area, the numbers are up.

These are the latest numbers from the team at The Foundation for Delaware County:

Food Security Impact by the Numbers in Delaware County:

  • 15.9% of Children are Considered Food Insecure
  • 51,730 People Overall Are Food Insecure

These numbers are up from last year.

WHYY also tells us local numbers are up:

The problems brought by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continue to have a domino effect on Delaware County.

Delco residents need more help with food and mental health services than they did before the pandemic.

“One of the most marked increases we saw was the number of new individuals,” Crowell said. They saw over 18,000 new people between July and September — a 68% increase compared to the same three-month period the year before.

WHYY: ‘Up significantly from last year’: Delaware County sees rise in food insecurity.

Seems like food insecurity may be a formidable opponent. Then again, maybe not. With your help, we can beat these numbers.

The Delco Souper Bowl of Caring has a pretty good record. Almost every year, their numbers go up. Last year the Delco SBOC team scored more than 54,362 units (food items & dollars) for eight local food pantries. That’s the largest SBOC collection in Pennsylvania!

With you on the team, we’ve got a better chance of winning the battle against hunger. Please check out the available opportunities and try out for the team. Don’t worry, try-outs are easy. Contact the coaching staff at sboc@covumc.com.

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