Covenant Gives their All in the Big Game Against Hunger

Monday, February 21, Springfield PA – The Covenant team again outperformed everybody’s expectations in the local big game against hunger – the Delco Souper Bowl of Caring. Each year Covenant participates in the National Souper Bowl of Caring (SBOC) effort, a youth-inspired, youth-led movement to tackle hunger on the Saturdays before the NFL’s Super Bowl.

Considering that we’re still fighting an additional opponent, almost two years into the coronavirus pandemic, the team had another record-breaking year. We scored a total of 1,128 non-perishable food items dropped off at the church. According to the latest numbers, the team also scored a generous total of over $2,930 against hunger (the final number may be higher). In SBOC vernacular, when you combine donations of food items and donations of dollars, those numbers together are called units. Covenant’s donations brought in a total of at least 4,058 units. Way to go Covenant! You have outdone yourselves again with another record-setting score against hunger.

Covenant’s drive is also part of the larger Delco Souper Bowl of Caring, which is a community effort including multiple local church, school, and scout operations and covers the areas of Aston, Morton, Media, Ridley, Rutledge, Springfield and Westbrook Park. This Community effort also broke records bringing in a total of at least 54,362 units for eight local food pantries. As of this date, that’s the largest SBOC collection in Pennsylvania!

The real winners in the game are the people who will benefit from these donations. According to the Foundation for Delaware County, 12.8% of children are considered food insecure, and 48,040 Delaware County residents overall are food insecure. All of Covenant’s donations have been delivered to the Loaves and Fishes food pantry in Prospect Park. Your gifts will go directly to those who have been effected by the pandemic and have found themselves unexpectedly struggling to put food on the table.

Thank you Covenant. You never cease to astound, inspire, and provide hope to others.

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