An Eggcellent way to Support the ASP Team

The Covenant Appalachia Service Project team is getting ready for their 2024 summer mission trip and they want to lay some eggs.

ASP 2024 Egg My Yard

Wake up Easter morning (or the day before) to a yard covered with candy-filled eggs. Choose how many eggs you want us to lay: 20, 40, or 60! We’ll hide them, scatter them, or leave them in a basket at your front door with a note from the Easter bunny.

Choose your delivery day: Friday, March 29th or Saturday, March 30th between 7 & 9 pm.

Supplies are limited. For Delco, please order by March 22nd. For Allentown or Westchester County, please order by March 24th. Click the button below to submit your order. If you’re sponsoring a Fostering Hope family, just follow the instructions. Thank you.

All proceeds go to the Covenant Appalachia Service Project team. (live bunny rabbits not included)

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